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About Winefred Lake Outfitters Ltd.:

Winefred Lake Oufitting is located in Zone 517  -  1700 square miles of Northern Alberta's finest wildlife adventures.

Our lakefront accommodations are nestled in the surrounding of Northeastern Alberta's boreal forest that's highlighted with Jack Pine, Tamarack, White and Black Poplar, Aspen, Birch and Spruce.

We are located North of Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, which doesn't allow any hunting, and our zone extends eastward to the Saskatchewan border (visit map). Our licensed zone has very little hunting pressure, providing plenty of game movement and tons of wildlife action.



Winefred Lake Outfitters Ltd.
With many years of experience, Paul has become one with the land he hunts. He is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Being in the area for many years Paul has become very familiar with the land, animals and their habits. Paul is contracted by the local county and various gas companies to trap beavers. Some of the unwanted carcasses are then recycled by Paul as natural bait for wolves, bears and other animals. Paul has trapped over 300 problem beavers and has perfected his own special recipe bait.

From Paul:
"It's not how many baits you have that count, it's how you set them that will work to your advantage. As the old saying goes, ten traps set up with care and strategy will catch more than 100 traps set poorly in bad locations."

Paul is a member of the following Associations:

  • APOS - Alberta Professional Outfitters Society
  • ATA - Alberta Trappers Association
  • SCI -Safari Club International
  • FOHT - Future of Hunting for Tomorrow (and Education)

Paul has made donations of hunts and tours through these organizations and traveled through the United States on several sportsman shows.


Paul provides his clients with a hunting experience that offers pure excellence in the Big Game World and ensures his clients enjoy wilderness expeditions they will remember for a lifetime.



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