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Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime on your Bear Hunt with Paul.
His success rate is virtually 100%.
Black Bears in Abundance
While some guides and outfitters only cater to non-residents, Paul Padlesky sees Albertans as an important source of business. He guides numerous resident black bear hunts each year and his experience is a huge asset in harvesting bears that weigh from 100 to 200 kilos. (220 - 450 lbs)

Padlesky offers all his guests a number of different hunting methods including baiting, spot and stalk, and tree stands and blinds. Black bears have fur coloration ranging from honey to shiny black and Padlesky says he's had a great deal of success in the past thanks to a little bit of extra effort.

"Everyone who came for a bear hunt last year has already booked again for this year", he grins. "I run 28 bait stations during the year so it's a lot of work but it definitly helps to ensure that the hunters go home happy."


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Details on Winefred Lake Bear Hunts:
PLEASE NOTE: The number of Bear hunts available is very limited.


May 1 to May 30 / Spring

Alberta Residents
May 1 to May 30 / Spring


6 Days hunting plus 2 days travel to and from airport.

7 Days hunting - Travel to and from Winefred Lake is the responsibility of the hunter.


Log cabins (fixed camp) with showers
Bunk Beds - Bring your own Sleeping Bags and Pillow.

Log cabins (fixed camp) with showers
Bunk Beds - Bring your own Sleeping Bags and Pillows, Food & Beverages

What's Included

Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
All hunting transportation

All hunting transportation


$3500 U.S. Funds plus License, Tags and applicable taxes.

$3500 Canadian Funds plus License, Tags and applicable taxes.


50% Deposit is required to confirm hunts with the balance paid upon arrival with money order, certified cheque or cash.

Animal Size

Average size range 6' to 8'

Animal Weight

Weights range from 200 lbs to 500 lbs.

Hunting Techniques

Baiting, Stalk Walk, Tree Stands & Blinds. Rifle, and Bow close range shots.
Baits are set out two weeks prior to your hunt.

Bookings / Inquiries

Contact Winefred Lake Contracting Ltd. by Clicking Here
We will reply by contacting you personally.


Bear Hunting in Alberta:

A generous two bear limit in most areas of the province makes Alberta one of the top destinations for bear hunting. Paul offers bear hunters spring and fall hunts for trophy bears. Black bear numbers are healthy in the Northern Alberta and plentiful.

The black bear's long fur varies in colour including; cinnamon, chocolate brown, honey, blond and shiny black. A brown bear may often be mistaken for a grizzly, but is smaller in size. Adult males or boars weigh from 100 to 200 kg (220 to 440 lb.), and adult females or sows weigh from 45 to 140 kg (100 to 310 1b.)

In contrast with the grizzly, the facial profile is a straight line and black bears lack a shoulder hump. The claws of the feet are shorter than the grizzly's and make less of an imprint in tracks.

Black bears usually reach breeding maturity by the age of 3 1/2 years. Mating takes place in June and July. However, development of the embryo is delayed until the fall. One to four cubs are born in February while the sow is in the winter den.

The diet of black bears may include berries, leaves and roots, as well as fish, ground squirrels, mice, young deer, ants, honey bee grubs and honey.

Natural Resources Service estimates the provincial population (in Sept.) to be about 36,000 animals. This estimate is based on population counts in selected areas and hunter harvest information.


Most Alberta trophy black bear hunts take place in the spring of the year soon after the bears first emerge from their long hibernation. At this time of year bruins are on the move for food and are relatively easy to spot as the vegetation is just beginning grow. Their fur is in its prime in early spring as they have had little time to rub and damage the long thick coats that they are valued for.

Several methods are used to hunt trophy bears. The regulation change to allow the baiting of bears in many areas has resulted in the taking of many trophy black bears across Alberta’s boreal region. Although baiting is the most popular form of hunting bears, other methods Paul uses include spot & stalk, tree stands and blinds.

Archery hunters seeking trophies have entered several bears in the trophy books in recent years as baiting is relatively new to the province and the vast tracts of wilderness have been left largely undisturbed.


Alberta Regulations for Bear Hunting:

Please refer to the current Alberta Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Regulations for a complete listing of all regulations, including seasons, dates, prices, and limits.


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